What do you do

When you know something unpleasant is happening which u have no control about?

Do u crib, rant and bring it up at all forums? Have long debates on the root cause of all problems? Decide who to blame for the same?

or do u act like the issue doesn’t exist?

I do the latter …particularly with the CWG….a bridge collapses, accommodation is filthy, it’s two weeks away…countries are likely to pull out of CWG…India is going to be disgraced…People’s view of India as a growing super power will now be that of a corrupt state…the way we view Pakistan.

Our hopes of this being the reason sports – other than cricket becoming popular in Indian dashed.
The few Indian sports people we have disappointed at the lack of interest and irresponsibility the government has shown

There is only one hope….PRAY HARD

Oh millions of Gods we have…please help us not look too bad 😦


32 thoughts on “What do you do

  1. shilpadesh

    I don’t think I care about this issue. I mean, our politicians and whoever is involved in organizing this farce have eaten up all the money, it is a disgrace and we cannot afford it at this moment!

  2. PNA

    Ahaaaa!! shame on everybody associated with this money swallowing business… Wonder what they had in mind then to say when this thing is gonna be exposed…..

    I know, millions of gods of india, please don’t let us down…I would love to walk about without covering my face, drooping shoulders and a head..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… what do you want, ghee, milk, candles, πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  3. ajay

    Our politicians…so corrupt and shameless! I am very disappointed at the big farce the CWG has become. You know the CWG Federation CEO Hooper termed Games Village as FILTHY and UNINHABITABLE! He wasn’t even allowed to speak to the media by the so called Organizing Committee. Many players have pulled out of the Games citing security and hygiene scare. The Games has been reduced to ONE BIG JOKE!

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Well if we didn’t bring it to India…how would the politicians/organizers become richer?? The last 6 years since we were announced as the hosts of the CWG have been a bonanza for them πŸ˜€

  4. snippetsnscribbles

    Oh, the very same thought has crossed my mind a million times already!
    When I saw the World Cup go smoothly (atleast to outsiders like us), I kept wondering what India will do in a similar situation and I was only pained 😦

    Like you said, pray….pray…and pray…!

      1. piyu

        What can we do!
        It is such a pathetic state for our country :(. The corruption, greediness all brought to the forefront by these games. Hume to pata hi tha, ab poori duniya ko pata chal gaya.

  5. The Other Side of Life

    Nuttie, you should alter the comments here and make mine the first, considering I am right in the MIDST of all this, in Delhi with office near the CWG village and house near the stadium! πŸ˜‰
    I could write posts and books on what all has gone wrong here and how different things could have been! But alas, is there a point behind all that?
    I have been through alternate phases of love and utter disgust for this event and somewhere in that love part of it, when the Metro near my house started, I went and bought tickets to the event. Now I feel like an UTTER Fool. As if my tax money was not wasted enough, now I have to worry about the extra money I am losing here. Bah. 😐

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      I wish i was smart enough to make ur comment first 😦 quite tech challenged…

      but i did think of you while i was writing – am sure dilliwala’s feel a lot worse than others about the way their city is being talked about. i remember kind of feeling jealous that delhi had the “pride” of hosting the CWG. Ummm if u do go – do carry an umbrella/wear an armour to protect uself from the celing :-P…p.s. getting set for your hibernation?

  6. Anonymously Disguised

    I would make sure I won’t ever walk under a bridge wearing my favourite shoes :mrgreen:

    Btw am trying to fix my bonkers WP which has already deleted all the sane bloggers from my blog roll. I am just jumping here and there till then πŸ˜›

  7. DI

    I don’t care either. I feel bad that we are shown in such bad light, but the bit that hurts most is the fact that so much was invested, and this is the final result. Anyway. Like you say, all we can do is pray.


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