My take on everything

There is a total dearth of exciting things happening around me – a surprisingly cooperative Tall one, a seemingly sane Cheeni, the same work cribs, no wordless pics, no political or social affairs i feel strongly about- Damn i have nothing to blog about!

So in an attempt to prevent my blog was disappearing off the face of this earth – i have decided to review all the things i did/saw this weekend.

To start off with

Indian Ocean concert – They played at hard rock on friday evening. While some head banged, sang along, woo hoo ed and clicked snaps… there was one girl (u who dont agree and say woman – click on the cross on the top right) who didn’t get it…yes they have a couple of memorable songs – Kandisa and Ruk Jao Bande which she did sing along to…(i say the melody she creates) but most of the time she was engrossed in how the teeny-boppers of the world acted oh so cool with their oversized bags, low jeans, strappy dresses. A little bit of “Excuse me”, instead of rudely pushing someone might not drastically affect your cool thinks.To add to all her agonies, her pwetty-pwetty red high heeled shoes were just the wrong accessory for a concert which required her to stand from 9 to 1…Sob…my feet still hurt and no i will not buy an Indian ocean CD! and yes i will lecture teeny boppers on manners…and the embarrassed Tall one and Cheeni can continue to pretend not to know me…

Onto the movie reviews

Aisha – Please dont ostracize me but i enjoyed it. I love a chick flick and i quite enjoyed it. The story line seems to be pretty much copied inspired from Clueless. i dont get why no reviewer sees this similarity and continues to say it’s based on Emma. Hello -makeover of new girl in town, hooking her up with guy interested in you while she is actually likes someone else, she then falling for the guy u like but dont know that u like…Hello Hello?? Clueless!! While i dont think there is much to rave about the acting…what acting…they needed to be pretty much be themselves..i have to add Abhay Deol is drool worthy and does quite a good job of playing the meanie boy..Sonam well she looks like she needs some food! (I dont like thin people! – grapes are not green and all)

Once upon a time in Mumbai – i read reviews comparing it to Satya. No Way Ho-Se/Jo-se?? ( i have always wanted to say this…just dont know how to spell it). Maybe it’s coz i saw the late night show and couldn’t appreciate the “art”.OUTIM is nice (for lack of a better word)…and while it is set in the 1970/80’s – something about the mannerisms of the cast – i can’t pin point just doesnt seem to reflect that period. P.s. Kangana was too thin for an actress of that time…just saying that’s all!

Comedy Store in Mumbai – Now this i totally recommend. In my books, it’s the latest hip thing to do.The comedy store at lower parel has stand up comedy acts (pretty much on the lines of those seen in Seinfield) and is definitely worth a visit if not for anything but at least for novelty value. Sit in the front row at your own risk!

Oh and finally a restaurant review – Kangna in Westin (goregaon E) – I will say this for all the restaurants (Kangna/Seasonal taste) in Westin, if not for the view and the ambience they would be empty. The food is average and non memorable. The view overlooking arrey colony is a delight during the day time – lush green and in the night the highway is a pretty picture…lights and all!

and before u think i get more than 48 hours for a weekend…i visited the comedy store the week before last

and none of the comedians were too thin! I like that place

Oh and just to add mention i bought 5 pairs of shoes at the lifestyle sale – and that too for just 2,500 – Sighhh…i love sales!


64 thoughts on “My take on everything

    1. piyu

      Thanks for the reco for Comedy store.. Will give it a visit soon :).. I totally love chick flicks tooo.. but its been long since I watched a hindi movie in theatre.. three idiots was my last movie 😦 😦

      Btw, this wekend I saw my 3 day old nephew for the first time 😀 😀 :D.. Omg.. he was so fragile and precious 🙂

      1. Nuttie Natters Post author

        Ohh congratulations on ur nephew…it’s amazing that humans are born so little

        and What no movie after 3 idiots…Wow..We get withdrawal symptoms if we dont watch a movie every week…we are lame like that 😀

  1. DI

    I have not watched Aisha, but I can bet I will like it. And girl, it is a much accepted copy of clueless! Clueless itself is based on Emma 🙂 So , all in all, everyone is correct!

    5 pairs :S I am jealous! Enjoy, and anyway, I love such random ramble posts!

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Oh Senility must be hitting me hard..i dont remember Emma being fun…looks like i know which book needs to be re-read

      Yes 5 pairs which are usually worth like 1000 bucks…that’s the best part…!!! I so happy

  2. Chatterbox

    5 pairs of shoes for 2,500 ….My my am I thinking on the right track by considering them to be USD???
    A review post sounds like a cool idea 🙂
    I liked the thought that readers who aren’t convinced by your verdict may proceed to click the red cross on top right 😉 😉

  3. Swaram

    U ended up dng sooo many things – ok, ok including the last to last weekend – but still 😛

    Oh, it feels like clueless – hmmmm!

    So many pairs of shoes – 😯
    Gng away from ur blog drowned in green 😉

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      The funny part Swaram is all our weekends are like this only. We hate ssitting at home on Saturdays (unless friends are over) and end up doing back to back movies to avoid going home!

      and go splurge babe…the sales are really good now

  4. sharbori

    LOL, I love this post. I too watched Once upon … and didn’t find it worthwhile. it was kind of ok – average acting, below average story line but what certainly irked me was the attempt to hero worship a criminal who believes he is robin hood.

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      That struck me too…in fact i dont know much about Haji Mastan but in the end a smuggler is a smuggler is a smuggler.

      Must google and find out more about him

  5. shilpa

    You know what? I loved Aisha too. I went with the thought that I wouldn’t keep comparing each scene to Emma and that worked for me! It is far removed from Emma, in my opinion, and I like the Delhi high society girl role by Sonam. It was like she fit right in, if only she could modulate her voice a little bit. Abhay was droolworthy! And yes, she is too thin for her own good 🙂

  6. ajay

    I watched Aisha but only for Sonam Kapoor. Ever since I watched IHLS I fell in love with her 😀 but this love is hopeless 😦

  7. BlueMist

    Aisha did not work for me. Slept off half way through. Ajay totally rocked in Once upon. Life style is my fav store. sigh 😦 and I have been pretty lucky this time as far as sales are concerned. 🙂

  8. comfortablynam

    You went to a concert in heels and then go and tell little young things what to wear.. ha ha ha..

    oops forgot this was your blog 😳 sooowwy

    Since Clueless was a fun take on the uber serious Emma..I guess everyone is correct.

    Shoes..where want..Lifestyle..bohooo..ME WANTS.. 😥
    But it’s OK.. I like Scandal better anyways.. :mrgreen:

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Hmmmmph…i didn’t tell them what to wear…just how to say ‘excuse me’ instead of pushing old people out of the way…Hmmmph too much dissent on my blog i say…

      and i really think i need to re-read Emma…why dont i remember it as being fun???

      ummm…there were scandal, inc 5, catwalk…all the shoes in lifestyle…so not better.. 😛 u still get to be jealous

  9. The Other Side of Life

    Eh! I think I missed your blog on my Reader too! 😮
    Love all these random posts! And oh, you watched Aisha? How were the locales? The long roads and greenery shots were taken in my Residential complex! 😛
    I feel like a fool advertising that, but I just HAD to day it! 😉
    Oh and Indian Ocean ain’t all bad. Listen to this track calles Melancholic Ecstasy from Desert Rain. No lyrics and it’s just FAB!
    5 pairs? I am so jealous. Chahhhhh!

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Yes i did read on ur blog yesterday…the locales are beautiful! I dont know if it was Indian ocean or the biting shoes but i was bored!…

      and u should be jealous…but u can undo it…by justing going to the sale urself

  10. maverickshree

    hmmm..towards end I was really wondering whether you got more than 48 hrs in weekend 😛 Haven’t yet got chace to watch Aisha…Already read Emma so I am bound to compare book with movie..I hope its good 😛

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      lol…What can i say but jobless DINK’s who shirk all responsibilities and spend weekends loitering!!

      I think u might like Aisha for what it is…a hindi chic flick!

  11. zephyr

    go on, enjoy life when you can! It was a fun post and I loved the shoes bit. At my age, i still love to own more than a FEW pairs! Maybe it is a gender thing. Watching movies back to back is fun. Back in the days when we were younger we used to sometimes watch two movies in a day and that was saying a lot! Loved the bit about clicking the cross on the right top! You are one funny girl. 🙂

  12. Pixie

    The title drew me here! That’s my blog title!! 😀 😀
    And, when I read the reviews of Aisha – I thought Clueless too! But, since no one else had mentioned it, I kept quiet! 😀

    My first visit here (I think?) and I’m enjoying your posts! 😀

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      lol…pixie i think i have prowled around your blog…and i have a feeling that the title might be inspired by you :D! Thank u and welcome here…hopping over to your blog to see if i was in fact inspired by you

  13. Dido

    i saw aisha too.. and even i liked it.. although the guys i went with were making wierd faces at me :O … Abhay Deol is drool worthy ….YEP he is yummmmm :):)

  14. Sonia

    Oh man, I need some shoes sooooooo bad, I have ghisofied the heels of my current flats – I guess with my ever increasing weight 😦

    I was so glad to hear your review of Once upon a time….my friends had raved abt that movie and I wasnt impressed at all, I was wondering if I had missed out on a couple of scenes becoz it feels like the movie is missing something…documentary type ho gayi hain…Will watch Aisha sometime!


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