Monday Musings

Mala could feel tears pricking her eyes as she walked towards the shaadi ka mandap. She knew she should be happy but she couldn’t quieten her thoughts.

Was this marriage equivalent to being separated from her mother? She shook her head – a 16 year old crying over her umbilical cord being cut…!

She could hear murmurs from the crowd as she walked past. She strained her ears to see if they were discussing the age or were they remembering him?

He who meant the world to her – she wondered if she could accept another man in his place.

With a start Mala realized she had reached the mandap and the jai mala was to start.

As the jai-mala took place,she saw him look at her – the warmth in his smile, the adoration in his eyes.

She smiled, took the flowers from her cousin’s hand and joined the others in showering the couple.

She was glad she had supported her mother’s decision to re-marry.


34 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. ajay

    What a surprise in the end! All along I thought it was Mala who was getting married!:-) You’ll make for a good story writer πŸ™‚ Write more and often please! πŸ˜€


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