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Wordfull Wednesday renamed to “What if” – thank u comfy!

(p.s.Let the corny title not make u wonder why the hell u have me on your reader, surfer or whatever hep mechanism u choose to land on my blog)

OK with so many of u belting out short stories – i have been influenced. This is my first attempting at writing fiction – apart from “a heavily influenced by secret seven” mystery story i had written at seven. So go easy on me plizz

He was 15, she 13…He had asked her out and she said yes. She was shy and he understood. He found her unlike the other girls, found her an enigma – knew she was perfect for him. Even at 13 – she knew he was the “one”- the one she would eventually marry – somehow.

He had asked her for a kiss and she blushed and looked away. He understood.
What he didn’t understand was that she wanted to kiss him – a little peck on his cheek, on numerous occasions. His birthday, the day he looked forlorn about a basketball game he had lost, on the day he felt jealous of her talking to a classmate…but never more than that day on the ship – sailing on a class trip…the stars were beautiful, the sky lit by a beautiful moon, the cool breeze. Their friends had slept, he was awake and so was she – She remembered wanting to walk up to him and kiss him…but instead she lay on the ship and watched the sky. She could feel his eyes on her..so she closed her eyes – knowing that there would be a tomorrow which would be theirs.

She lay in bed and looked at the sky and often remembered that night. She would never know what it felt like to kiss him.

She turned around and hugged her husband – She was happy and loved the life she had made with him.But she wondered if he ever thought about her – at least once in a while.