Daily Archives: July 15, 2010

Constant Need for Constant

When things are comfortable, the line “Change is the only constant” sucks! Sucks like big time – it’s the weariness of working upon certain things which may help build character, it’s the sense of the possibility of your “best laid plans” changing – it’s the fear of the unknown.

So u all known about my evil super boss right? But the person i directly report to – is this really cool lady, she understands issues and is heavily into the work life balance thingy and guess what….she is taking a sabbatical for six months leaving me with the evil super boss.

I am not worried about the evil super boss, coz i will be directly reporting into “Mr Unknown”…What i fear is who is “Mr Unknown” ?

who in their right mind would agree to work with the evil super boss?

There are certain aspects of my work where i can be better – my current boss was probably not aiding this…Will Mr unknown make me work on this??? Sigh…work

Will Mr Unknown value me as much as my boss…Will i have to turn into a diplomatic angel to deal with him? Will he and mr evil boss not like me??

Would that mean i would need to find another role in the bank? Then how long do u wait before you buzz off on maternity leave?

I am so overthinking this one!!! i dont even know who “Mister Unknown” is but boy is he interrupting my life.

but in the words of Joey from friends in the episode where everyone is turning older – i have to ask the Good Lord – WHY GOD WHY?

In other updates – i had a fantastic time in Bangalore with my family – i actually blocked out work, facebook,blog, movies, friends and everything which didnt;t have a direct association with home & family…in short i ate like a pig, slept like sleeping beauty and played with a little 2 inch who someone people claim is my cousin…really a cousin who is 6 when i am 28??? Come on S mama…u are kidding right??

And the weather in bangalore was the icing on the cake