Daily Archives: July 2, 2010

Man…i feel like a woman

So piyu and pinooo have tagged me on this one…and before i am the last one in the blog world to do it, i shall take it up. This one is for the man in me…that which makes me the woman i am!

I think i started off life as a girly girl…i loved frilly pink frocks, apparently i sat like a lady and no i didn’t roll in the mud or play with “those boys”. i didn;t like boys, they scared me – i played girly games, i read Nancy Drew’s and never the Hardy Boys…

But as luck would have it the coy, delicate, soft spoken, mummyji’s dream bahu potential girl into …ummm ME!

So me Y chromosomes make me do/feel the below:

1. I don’t think i got a “New life” when i got married. I love being married and love having the Tall One around – but no i didn’t change my entire set of clothes post marriage, the Tall One is sent many a time to work without breakfast, i dont sacrifice television, i dont manage his clothes or cupboard nor do i act like a wingless angel in my sasural…in fact my ma in law gives me morning coffee at my sasural and made my first sweet for me…i just came and shook the spoon around for 20 secs…

2. I dont like shopping …there i said it, u can shoot me…dont find it theraupatic…i love shoes and bags..and have my bouts of splurging but shopping doesn’t thrill my existence at all

3. i dont follow the CTM routine every night…What u dont know the cleansing toning and moisturizing ur face…i wash my face and sleep…i forget to wear sun screen on most days and have lipstick/gloss on for precisely 5 mins in the dya…my eyeliner is usually smudged …i have century old lipstick and dont know the difference between foundation and rouge and …u get the drift!

4. I CAN PIG OUT At buffet…i can beat most men hands down by the amount i can put away and i am not Shy about enjoying my food

5. I have arts&crafts deficiency – i cant sing, draw, paint, stitch, knit or doing anything remotely creative with my hands…Hell i can’t even remove a stain from a white shirt or clean a spilt glass of milk without creating more of a mess (Thankfully the Tall One is fultu equipped in the cleaning department !)

6. Ummmm another shoot me…babies…i like them and can play with them for sometime -meaning 15 mins on an average …depending on mine and the baby’s mood…but no i can’t carry a baby around on my hip (All u mother’s out there…kudos coz babies are heavy!!!).

7. I am strong…i was the only girl in my school who could hit the volley ball over the net in a serve..i can beat up rowdy men and have fairly competitive kushti bouts with the Tall One (he is a big made 6″2 giant – mind u)

8. i spill/drop while eating 😦 and its the bane of my existence…high dependency on the spouse to aid in the cleaning process

9. i know loads of cricketing statistics – highest score, that match in 1997,average wickets taken …i am quite a pro…and now i have hopped onto the football bandwagon…4 years from now by the next world cup…i know i will be just as adept!

10. Now apparently this qualifies too…i have a messy cupboard…

And yeah …Man, i feel like a woman! Shania Twain Zindabad

And Oh before u people think i have enrolled for the witness protection plan again let me tell u that i am off on chutti to Bengaluru to spend time with my family. Am unlikely to have too much access to the net but will be back with more to write about (hopefully)

Oh and i tag ….ummm…well the whole world and their blogging sister has been tagged…so to u who read this and feel like taking it up.