A thousand moons

…At 84 years, u are supposed to have seen a thousand full moons and that’s just what my Daddy has done…Ladies and Gentlemen – my grandfather turns 84 today! The first man in my life! My hero…my memories of you are so many…it seems like i am your child and not your grand kid. At age 3, I remember crossing the cattle trap very carefully to come to your office from our house…i was spending my holidays with u and it was a ritual i had to come and spend time with u… I have heard a million times, the story of how u fell while carrying me and how u kept me in the air…so that i wouldn’t get hurt I remember accompanying u to the post office and the bank every morning during my summer holidays in your beige maruti car…Though till date i dont know why anyone would need to visit the post office and the bank every alternate day u were there to drop me off to B-school. u were so proud when i got my joining letter. u wrote me letters and quotes about being a “good” person…yes most are too idealistic for me to follow…but i know that i will always value those ideals in another human being. U taught me that respecting your parents, looking after your parents, respecting your spouse and loving your children selflessly are the most important things in life…that Daddy i think i have learnt…I may not do it as well as u…but i try and do the same in the best way i can. It meant the world to me that you “gave” me away in marriage and the reason i sobbed so much thru the wedding was seeing the look on your face…i am always daddy’s little girl and i no will be paraya dhan or whatever other mean things the priest said i was. i can’t think straight or write straight coz i am so overwhelmed with emotions but.. Daddy – today i pray for u to be around us for a long time…I want my children to know u…i thank god for keeping u so well and giving u to us…when i see u (& ammamma) i know that a god exists! God Bless (Thoo thoo)


32 thoughts on “A thousand moons

  1. PNA

    Happy Birthday Grandpa.. 🙂 🙂

    My grandma was 84 a couple of years ago and we celebrated her seeing 1000 full moons… a pleasure to have them around us always

    And u are back back back back.. let me go read ur wb post, I missed 😛

  2. piyu

    Happy Birthday to your Daddy!

    I missed my grand dad so much when I read your post. He was such a cool, calm person!

    Sadly he left us when I was in 12th grade. May he rest in peace.

  3. comfortablynam

    Happy Happy Birthday GrandDad.. and really wishing that your kids get to know him and he gets to spoil them just the way a greatGranddad can..

    Wishes in bulk load to everyone in the family.. 🙂

  4. DI

    Happy Budday to Grandpa Nuttie! 😀 May he see many many many more moons!
    There is something about banks and post offices and grandpas I think, mine used to do the same thing :o!

  5. zephyr

    Wish your grandfather a very long life! And a lovely tribute to your hero:)

    Great grandparents can be wonderful in a child’s life. May yours enjoy them too!

  6. shilpadesh

    Happy birthday to your grandfather.

    If I say that i almost cried reading this will you laugh at me? Every statement here reminded me of my grandfather, and I lost him 7 years ago 😦

  7. smartassbride

    yay! you are back!

    lovely post!

    congrats to daddy! may he see many many more full moons!

    my best wishes to daddy and his little girl forever(boo to the priest)


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