Witness Protection Plan

Thats where i was….i saw “something” that could endanger national security and hence was made to disappear…It had nothing to do with being overworked, lazy, feeling a sense of detachment with nuttie natters, falling ill, generally feeling lousy and totally loosing control of my life! I was MADE To disappear by the Government to save all of u from “it”.

Ok…now that we have that out-of-the-way and u now know what a brave “girl” i am and how much i do for all around ( i can read ur minds…i am out schizo – its true)….

well…Anyway i think i am back —my life just spiralled out of my hands as it sometimes does…nothing major happening…just the usual….So thank u guys who sent me such sweet messages…i have been reading ur blogs off and on…but now i am back to read, comment, BE FIRST ON THE COMMENTING (Nu, Piyu or whoever is winning nowadays…watch out) and ohhhh yaa try and write something too…


27 thoughts on “Witness Protection Plan

  1. DI

    Hello! I am ALWAYS the first! Shucks , I am not even mentioned in the reigning first commenters!

    Welcome back Nuttie, and thanks for saving us all πŸ˜› Hope to see you more often on the reader now!

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Shhhhh…not so loud!!! Witness Protection Plan has a secret blog too…and addiction levels very high…i hear they are looking to deprive a certain “sant” of her newly acquired handbag!

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      No no abi…no need to be grateful…ppl like me are born to save the world…we have to do it without any expectation or acceptance of gratefulness…its tough but thats me…martyr expression to be noted


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