Treasure chest of memories

When i started writing this post – it was not supposed to be a funny one…it was supposed to be about feelings, nostalgia and warm mushy thoughts…But the events that have transpired in the last 5 hours have deemed otherwise.

Mr Insomnia has taken up residence in the Nut and last night i couldn’t sleep until 5 in the morning! So i did the usual – played crappy Facebook games, snooped on random people’s Facebook accounts, watched TV, read the newspapers…and checked my mail. Useless worthless recent mails checked and i decided to read my old mails.

The earliest mail dated back to 2002 – and were a mixed lot..

Flirtatious mails exchanged with some guy i would have liked to go out with – Looking at the date i am quite sure i was dating someone at the same time :D…Sighh wild youth!

Admission letter email from my B-school – i still remember the excitement and the pride of the moment! I remember my excited mom jumping around the room!

Random mails exchanged with batch-maters during our internship (summers in B-school parlance) – funny mails exchanged with the Tall One who was just another batchmate at that time…I have always wondered why that first mail was exchanged – we weren’t friends and we had no reason to keep in touch (Mr Destiny…do u know?)

Mails exchanged with my school friends in Port Blair during the 2004 Tsunami – reconnecting with them and sharing memories of the wonderful place that is Andamans.!

A million funny mails exchanged with a dear friend who i will always look upto as a mentor…who helped me immensely in surviving B-school, who believed in me helluvalot, his mail telling me how i was going to rock my first job – the friend who i have lost touch with 😦

Mail from my first organization with induction details, my indicative payslip and my first role details..the faint glint of tears in my mom’s eyes when i showed it to her!

Excited mails from various batchmates when they started on their new jobs – in my mind’s eye i could visualize them with determined “i am going to climb this corp ladder thingy” looks in their eyes.

Mail from one of my friends about how i had helped his relationship (Note to self: Forward to friend…the grateful attitude has reduced!)

A mail from Cheeni (Between our first year and second year) telling me that A had finally fallen for her cheeni charms… Background: Cheeni has had a crush on A since 2000 BC. 1998…

The mail went such…Mind u the Subject matter of the mail was ” MY DREAM”

and i quote verbatim –

hi jaan…
where u… have been msgg u but no reply… ok.. me as usual went on a foot in mouth trip with A.. turned out kwite ok…v.v.v.funny incident.. but he finally told me that he is crazy about me… n that he loves me completely… of course the bit of uncerainity with his future n whether i’ll be able to deal with a mad person like him ..clouds his mind..saz this is a bad
time to take any decision.. will speak with me after i come back from _____… πŸ™‚ lets see.. but atleastnow i know that i wasnt a fool… wasnt waiting for nothing.. patience paid! he is worht it yaar…anyway.. me happy duck! love u loads..n pleez reply on my cell…nothing to my dad;s cell…
chalo babe…
miss uuuuu

U can feel the happiness in Cheeni’s words..cant u and then i read the words “HAPPY DUCK”…Happy Duck?????? Oh boy i couldn’t stop laughing and the minute i reached office i forwarded this mail to A and Cheeni

Nut: This 7 year old find might interest u…p.s. A – this is my birthday gift to u πŸ˜€ –

A: Are you serious Cheeni ..????? who writes like that ..????? – and I did not say β€˜I am crazy about you’ – I said I can kinda tolerate you now, but also told you to please stop bothering me- . gawddddd?> Nut: Thanks, this is a pretty cool birthday present – know any good divorce lawyers in Mumbai? – and please forward any other gems you might have hidden in your treasure chest.

Also Nut and Cheeni – u guys should marry each other !!! (All the hugs and kisses)
A is very jealous about Nut and Cheeni…we were ahem tails of each other for the 2 yrs in B-school )

At this point of time..both A and the Nut sending messages to clueless Cheeni who is in a meeting telling her about her impeding divorce.

Nut: Yes I also thought we would marry until 9th march 2003 when u made Cheeni a happie duck by telling her that u are completely crazy about her and can’t live without her and she is your oxygen!. She then dumped me like a hot potato coz I didn’t know romantic dialogues (read soapy!, filmy) like u…So then I had to go, brush up my filmi dialogue language and catch the Tall One. u and ur filmy tu meri jaan hai dialogues killed the romance of the century. Hmmmmph!

A: I can safely say that I have changed in the last 7 years, and I can no longer deliver romantic (read filmy, soapy!) dialogues…. happie duck … really, who knew people could write like that. You can have her now- I shall gratefully make way for you two to resume your romance.

Nut: But I don’t want used goods now…jiske saath mera romance tha who ganga jaise pure thi, who duckie nahi thi…yeh koi paraya hai …yeh meri Cheeni nahi ho sakti…u can keep ur happie oxygen giving duck! (i can;t translate this even if i wont too :D)

A: What if I don’t want to…??????

Cheeni: you both r mean…make fun of little duck’s emotions…go…not talking

Nut & A: High Fi’s A – mission accomplished

So ladies and gentlemen – due to disownment(?!!!) by key stakeholders , the happy duck is now up for adoption…Free free!!! ( in fact if u insist we’ll pay u)

So the next time u can’t sleep – dig into your mails…a treasure chest of memories is there – waiting to be opened!

P.S. Do u think Cheeni can sue me for plagiarism for her mail..or for using her signature mark – “HAPPY DUCK”


29 thoughts on “Treasure chest of memories

  1. zephyr

    lol your Cheeni posts are ablolutely tops! Can’t stop laughing. No she can’t sue you for using her mails or her signature.they are in your mailbox, right? πŸ˜€ And moreover, happy ducks don’t bite!

  2. comfortablynam

    Now I have Happy Duck in my head as well..let me see where all and how many times I can use it πŸ˜€

    Old emails are amazing..My only regret is that I lost all of D & my mail before we got married because I had that in a different email id and I forgot to log in it for over a month. They deleted everything 😦 But D still has his which helps..when walking down memory lane..

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Buzz = Happy Duck?? It was funny while reading all the old mail i could actually remember how i felt when i read the mails…like the mail from cheeni, i felt thoda jealous πŸ˜€

      1. The Restless Quill

        What? She doesn’t know of your blog?!?! You’re really crazy you know. I thought nutty was just one of those things that people like to call themselves, but you truly are. This was such a fun, wholesome post πŸ™‚

  3. PNA

    wonderful…Mr Insomnia please come to me sometime too, I would love to dig into my old mails and find gems and forward and harass the concerned:)

    Happy duck:) lol!

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Oh wow…u guys have been together for 10 yrs …In my case all soapy mails seem to be exchanged between Cheeni and Me…lol we were so not too cool :D..>Welcome here dipika

  4. Nu

    happy duck !! hehe got me laughing,really πŸ™‚ but actually when you cute !

    Old letters and emails are always fun to go back to…even if those are senti-somewhat sad emails / letters πŸ™‚

    reading back the letters which me and hubby exchanged is total fun πŸ™‚ and letters written to friends when there were no emails…whoa…makes your day !

    well..there is one confusion..who is this ‘cheeni’ and ‘A’..main bhul..gayi bahut dino se gayab thi na 😦 swaaary !!!

    BTW this profile pic is pretty πŸ™‚

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Blushhhh – yes i am very pretty when my face is not in the pic πŸ˜€

      Cheeni is my Bff and A is the man who stole her from me!! We were roommates at B-school and friends since. She is the one i troubled about being preggy in Cheeni & Meanie

      U know the best part is u can sometime remember how u felt when u read the mail/e-mail…i remember feeeling a twinge of jealousy/sadness that my friend had a boyfriend now…Gone were the days of Where are the men bitching :D. Of course i did feel happy for her

  5. S

    have been wandering around ur blog space.. hopping from one post to another.. with a constant smile plastered on my face! This post outshines the word ‘Hilarious’..
    *makes a mental note to unravel the chest of old mails*

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