Of Checklists…

Now i am all about the education. Given below is a checklist of all actionables in the situation given below

Situation: Tickets to the Delhi-Mumbai IPL match being given to an elite few in office

Start praying that “office-ji” thinks i am worthy of the same: Check
Refresh mail every 3 mins to see if i have chosen few: Check
Get jealous each time u hear people mention they have been given tickets: Check
Think in mind “time to quit” (Hello! i celebrate my fourth year of being in this org in April and no ticket for me???): Check
Do a jig when boss informs you that u are among the chosen few:Check
Delete resignation letter which has been written in head:Check
Taunt the Tall One and all friends interested in IPL about match: Check

on a side note to be effective- taunt every 5 mins or whenever bored whichever is faster

Update Facebook status on mobile with Tra-la-la-la to ignite curiosity: Check
Follow office ticket distribution lady until she gives u ticket: Check

To ensure you are always remembered for future tickets – give a speech on how excited u are, how much this means to u and how you watched another match…the lady might be looking bored but trust me thats just an act and of course she is going to remember u

On the day of the match
Spend a lot of time deciding what to wear – Well i might be spotted on TV by Vidhu Vinod Chopra who might cast me in his next movie: Check
Reach office and realize Flourescent green T-shirts are being provided. Sigh, remove hep match clothes, try on multiple sizes until u find one where the T-shirt is not too short, too long, too tight or too loose: Check
Don’t eat lunch as you are too excited: Check
Regret decision as it takes you two hours to reach the venue (Just in time for a 4:30 match): Check

At the stadium
Wear T-shirts inside out as Mumbai Indians sponsors considered our flourescent T-shirts as “AMBUSH MARKETING”….Come on i didn’t even learn about this marketing at B-school ( Could i have slept thru the lecture?) : Check.
Get hold of a whistle and keep blowing it (the beginning of a match can be boring): Check
To make things really exciting have a whistle blowing session with colleagues. We are wearing our T-shirts inside afterall.
Dear Vidhu Vinod Chopra – the girl in flourescent green inside out T-shirt with red clips incessantly blowing her whistle debuted as cinderella’s step sister in the fourth standard….just saying

During the match
Recite Sachin Sachin, Scream, Dance, Laugh, Drink, pass envious glances to the cheerleaders legs, attempt a few mexican waves and of course TAUNT DELHI_ITES on their FLOP SHOW!
Ha! Ha! What a match DD supporters hide ur face!

After the match

Stop Blowing the whistle – Realize that the match is over and people on marine drive are planning to throw u into the sea if u don’t stop…

Dear Tall one- 3 hours of whistle blowing makes it a habit…can’t u understand that??? Let me blow my whistle at home Pleaseeee!


30 thoughts on “Of Checklists…

  1. Siddharth

    Haha… nice! Aptly captures the “excitement” of match day… I got to watch the IPL match between DC and MI at DY Patil Stadium… poor DC had no support in what was supposedly their “home ground” πŸ˜‰

  2. Siddharth

    Response was quick coz i’ve subscribed to your blog’s feed so I get a mail the moment you post something πŸ™‚
    I do have a blog… in fact I am surprised that WP didn’t automatically link my blog to my name in the comment… usually it does that….
    Anyway you could definitely drop in to http://brownianmotionofthoughts.wordpress.com
    I do write a lot about my favourite team Manchester United and the posts end up more like match previews and reviews but probably amidst the mayhem you may find a post to your taste…. do visit and comment

  3. Zephyr

    lol .Are you still blowing the whistle? better stop lest the Tall one blows his whistle!

    the post was great fun, though I have stopped watching cricket matches these days.

  4. DI

    Chargers rock! Chargers rock! Who needs a home ground for support when you have all the support praying fervently from back home! Which explains 5 straight wins and an entry into the semis when everyone had written then off! DC ain’t poor, DC rocks!

    Anyway, enough of DC support, but niice, you made most of the match I guess! Ooh, and the MAIN point, HUGE coincidence, if you were infact serious and not sarcastic, but yours truly also debuted in class 4 as Cinderella’s step sister! Yikes!

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      seriously???? Hmmmm…now i am wondering…do i know u?????????? Gulp!!!

      Did u study in Vizag ever?

      And DC – wait until the finals when Bbay/Blore kicks all concerned butts πŸ˜›

  5. DI

    Ahem, I remember a certain B’lore being destroyed in last year’s finals, but well, what do I say ;)?
    Ah, no, was never in Vizag, all the schooling was in U.P.! Hehe!


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