Cheeni & Meanie!

So i mentioned in my previous blog about how on the occasion of “All fools day” i was going to tell my “bff” that i was pregnant…Hmmm now that didn’t go exactly how i planned. so the conversation went like this

The evil plan is already cooked up in the Nut’s head. and the stars are all aligned as the Nut can see Cheeni is calling!

Cheeni – meanie u not meeting me coz of your aerobics (the devious cheeni is scheming if i dont let her go for aerobics i iwll be the hottie friend and she will be the fat friend)

Nut – No not going

Cheeni (Sounding suspicious) – Whhy???

Nut – I have been advised not to

Cheeni – Whhyyy, Tell babe

Nut – i think i am preggie – took a home test yesterday and is showing +ve will go to doc tomm and confirm..

Cheeni – did u do the home test properly – How many times did u try?

Nut fumbles thru this – not used the home test – has no clue how to use it and how it shows results – using knowledge from TV serial friends…and they say TV is not educational

Cheeni – (choking voice) – God babe! i am so happy for u – c i told u, you would be the first one – I am going to Divorce A (her husband who is kinda anti the baby making business) and i am not going to speak to u for ditching me! but i am happy for u. Ok i need to get back. Evil boss has meeting

On a sidenote – Cheeni feels she should have a baby because she wants six months off – away from her silly boss. A doesn’t think that is a valid reason …i wonder why??

Nut comes back to desk – feeling guilty for making Cheeni feel chokkie types, feeling guilty about A and Cheeni’s impending divorce decides to end hoax on sms (What call HER and have her YELL at me…no i am chicken)

Nut at 13:33: Babe check the date on the calendar once and Please REMEMBER HOW MUCH U LOVe ME and HOW SWEET I am

Cheeni at 13:33: B****

Nut at 13:40 – do u still love me?

Nut at 13:41 – Do u? Do u? my cheeni no?

Nut at 13:42: My lambu no? See i told u immediately instead of extending it. I not so bad no. Say something or i stalk u

(thinks in head – Attention seeking Cheeni must be loving the flurry of sms)

Nut at 13:44: If i meet u in the evening will u talk to me?

Nut at 13:45 – Come onnnn…u can’t resist pretty toes, my pretty eyes, my pretty me

Nut at 13:48 – U can’t be so mean to me 😦 see i can’t work also 😦 i feel guilty but i small baby na…promise promise i never do again

Nut at 13:49 – Lip out (Conjures cute image of herself and tries to transfer to cheeni thru telepathy)

Nut at 13:50 – phew i am tired now (kitna bhaav khati hai)

Nut at 13;55 – nine messages in nine mmins…cmon cheeni me feeling v bad…u thhink there is an award for fastest message typer

Mail sent to Cheeni – pretty pretty cheeni

Nut at 14:01 – Lip Paining, knee hurting, heart sadding, Help meee

Cheeni at 14:01- Say you are a mean girl. You play with people’s emotions

nut repeats faithfully

Cheeni at 14:02 – Say you are like vasu rajvansh (for the ignorant ppl – she is the vamp in the serial bidaai.. Cheeni and i are quite sad and a lot of all lives revolve around 2 soaps)

Nut: yes yes – like vr and evil sil put into one

Cheeni – say u will treat me like a princess now and get me gifts

Nut: NO princess only 1 gift

Cheeni: Ook big gift

Nut: Yes big gift – lill person to call u cheeni maasi

Cheeni – b****!

(cheee cheeni – what will ur mommy say??)


44 thoughts on “Cheeni & Meanie!

  1. Nu

    so many baby talks around… we sure need one baby now in the blog world…I can hear Buzz saying… “kab tak rahu sabse choti..aaye koi mujhse chota.. ”

    wheres comfy ??? listening…Meira? Swaram ?

  2. DI

    :O! My friend would have throttled me if I had played such a prank on her.
    Oh btw, the thought of some months off work makes me want to have a baby too. That, and pretty maternity clothes. Damn, I am mean no?

  3. maverickshree

    heheheh…that was nice really found innovative way of fooling your friend on 1st April. I too tried this trick on my one frined some time back and it falied miserably πŸ˜‰

  4. Pixie

    ROTFL!! πŸ˜€

    And what a serial na?! Sigh.. such cracker of a plot really!!

    6 months leave from silly boss is good enuf reason to become rpeggers I suppose!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Enjoying my first here! Will keep coming back! πŸ™‚

      1. piyu

        Hehe… I did not mean to call u “mean”.. But meanie is a very apt name πŸ˜›

        I can totally identify with you when you say “she provides me with the opportunites”, many a friend of mine fall in this category πŸ˜€


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