Daily Archives: April 1, 2010

Things to do

In my constant endeavour to improve myself – it is the beginning of a new quarter and these are the things i need to do on a priority basis on 1st April

1. Tell husband about project in Singapore- from 12th April to 18th June
2. Tell best friend and good friend who is office colleague that i think i am pregnant and will be seeing the doc to confirm tomm
3. Tell blog world the same

But since i nice and all – i shall tell u guys that hehehe..this is all part of my APril Fool plan…

p.s. to update u – have informed bff “Cheeni” – sniff feeling a bit bad, Cheeni almost started crying …(Gulp Gulp) – i am going to get it when i break the news
Tall One too has been told and is currently putting on the “I am supportive” husband look…

Sniff i am feeling bad – i think i wont play any april fool tricks…or should i?

What are your thoughts this first of April????