Of broken daredevils and broken hearts

It’s been 2 hours since Mumbai Indians thrashed, decimated, annihilated delhi daredevils and i just can’t stop grinning!!!

And of course I SHALL rub it into every single “taunt maroing” Delhi daredevil supporters!..so ppl have deleted me from Facebook profiles, switched off their phones, disconnected their door bells, and are scheming at how to pretend that i am invisible in office tomm!

but my chotu sa amount of blog readers – I shall not taunt you (can’t risk the number of reader’s falling to single digits).

So here goes all my support for Mumbai – the place I love and don’t love, the place I have spent the max years of my life(around 10 years), the place i met the Tall one and some of the bestest friends ever and

Bangalore – my home,where my grannies and mommy live, the place I have spent all my summer holidays and of course because of a certain Mr Rahul Dravid – the man I was in love with for so many years, who broke my heart when he married Mrs Dravid (fell in love with the tall one on a rebound I think), the man I almost married (that’s a story for another time) and my almost jeeja ji Mr Kumble – who broke my friend’s heart a few years before mine was broken into a million million pieces!
Sigghhhhh…heartbreaks are hard to overcome many years later also! (now u know why i dont show the Tall one my blog – he may not want to know he was a rebound case)

Anyway getting back to the IPL – So tell me who do u support and why?


13 thoughts on “Of broken daredevils and broken hearts

  1. DI

    That Dravid! He did the same to me, broke my heart too! How cruel huh? :)))
    I support Deccan chargers, becos as I recently declared, I am a Hyderabadi now! And I supported them even when they were last in season 1 a,dn when they won season 2. So, Go chargers! πŸ˜€

  2. ajay

    ‘And of course I SHALL rub it into every single β€œtaunt maroing” Delhi daredevil supporters!.’
    haha … I did the same when KKR lost to MI (my fav. because of Sachin). I rubbed the salt on every Bengali (diehard fan of KKR) friend of mine. And for the fear of being flayed in public they would take care not to bring up IPL into discussion over lunch. (much to our delight) πŸ˜›
    Anyway, Sachin is in great form and there’s absolutely no doubt that MI will take this IPL cup this time . I wish he keeps playing for India forever.

  3. chinkurli

    This is slightly embarassing to admit in public, but at one stage, I too believed I was in love with RD. Thankfully I’d outgrown it by the time he got married πŸ˜€

  4. Siddharth

    Mumbai Indians all the way! Supported them in Season 1’s ignonimous exit as well as in Season 2’s near miss for the semi final berth….
    But am a bit jittery now… Jumbo’s team could pack a punch enough to blow the wind out of MI’s sails! Fingers crossed on that one.
    As for why I support Mumbai Indians, just one word says it all: Sachin!

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Aahhh the sachin factor!!! For me the semi’s are like Sophie’s choice..i prayed hard for Mumbai to be first and Bangalore second..so that they dont play each other in the semi’s…but Godji probably has better prayers to answer!

      1. Siddharth

        Godji aka Sachin will instead be playing tomorrow πŸ˜‰
        I too was hoping that MI and RCB would clash in the finals directly if at all… (else someone conveniently KO them in the semis) but alas it will now be Jumbo vs. God.
        Though I don’t share your Catch-22. Clearly I will be yelling my lungs out for “God’s Own Team” πŸ™‚


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