Listen noooo…

A Boring Thursday Morning – 10 am
Nut: Hellooo..whatudoing? (sing-song manner is very crucial)
Tall One: Kaam yaar – what’s happening?
Nut:u know what – yesterday 8 people visited my blog and today by 10 – i already have 5 visitors.
Tall one: cool (no interest whatsoever) – achcha bye!
Nut: No Listen Noooo… (tries desperately to think of something to say)
Tall one: hmmm….
Nut: Achcha today i will get to know my rating and bonus.
Tall one: (interest level shows a slight rising): No Hike?
Nut: I wont get…
Tall one: Am sure u will (The Tall One thinks the Nut is a lot more capable at work than she actually is). Achcha ab jaana hai!
Nut: Sniff Sniff!!! (co-worker gives strange look – what does he know abt how ignored the Nut is)

Boring Thursday Morning continues (12:00)

Nut: hellooooo…listen no ….now visitors number is already equal to yesterday..
Tall one: good – ok i got to go for a meeting – wont be available for 2 hours. (Sometimes i suspect he fakes meetings to get a respite from my calls)

Boring Thursday Afternoon (2:30) – pls note almost 2 hrs later – i do respect space πŸ˜›

Nut: helllooo – u ate?
Tall One: Yup…what’s happening? (decides pretend to be interested-nahi toh the u don’t have time for me whines might begin)
Nut: Achcha now na – i am at my highest number of visitors – same as Sunday – 15!
Tall One: Koi Kaam Dhanda nahi hai kya? (such faith from the man who thinks i am going to become CEO!!!)
Nut: Efficient hoon – multitasking!
Tall One: Ok Bye! (says to the God almighty – WHY GOD WHY?)

Boring Thursday continues -4:30 pm

Tall One: I am hungry – what to do???
Nut: Eat!!! (Ha…i am witty u see)
Tall one: What? (whine tone begins)
Nut: Go to food court and decide. Achcha listen…
Tall one (rudely interrupts): Ok How many visitors now…
Nut: 24
Tall One: (Visibly impressed): So how does it work, how do u know, is it the same people or unique visitors?(Host of technical consultant variety questions begins)…
Nut: My Stats says so _ Get lost (Grr…me no like the insinuations!)

Boring Thursday continues -6:30 pm

Nut: when u leaving?
Tall one: Now!
Nut: Already??? (thinks it head – have to reach home half hour before him and get my “me” time and kidnap TV/remote)
Tall One: Achcha V (my colleague and his friend) was saying bonus, hikes and all are out…
Nut: Yeah – i know i got to know at 11 only
Tall One: Whattttttttttt???? Why didn’t u tell me?
Nut: u dont have time to talk to me only!!!
Tall one: Wah Bhai!!! (Thinks it head – was she like this before marriage too??? To think i knew her for 5 yrs before D-day…Damn Damn)

Boring Thursday Over – Fun Thursday begins (TV viewing is fun!!! -and yes i lead a sad life)
Nut: Yipppeeeee – 30 people ….can u believe …more than double my earlier highest number of visitors!
Tall one: no response (can’t hear – is watching India get thrashed by Spain in hockey world cup)
Nut: Listen no0000….
Tall one: no response
Nut: for every time u dont listen one prawn taken away from ur pasta and put into my plate…
Tall one: What babieeeee???
Nut: 30 visitors…
Tall One: Oh cool – show blog!
Nut: Nope secret blog (note to self: Delete history on laptop)

Thursday Night (post midnight)

Tall one has slept and the Nut checks her blog for last time
Nut: (and it finally dawns on the Nut) Listen nooooo….why have 30 people visited and no one commented….
Tall One: Grunts and says – “Tomorrow”
Nut:?????????????? (p.s. how is tomorrow a relevant answer???)

So people – in case u feel for the Tall One and his sanity over the weekend and feel bad for the desperate NUT dropping all these “subtle hints” – do drop me a comment…coz else i shall spend the weekend obsessing.

Is this normal? To actually feel more excited about ur blog – than ur hike, bonus or rating????


12 thoughts on “Listen noooo…

  1. Meira

    Ofcourse it is more exciting than hikes. we can talk about hikes here. Can’t mention the blog to the boss, or whatever hike was earlier decided would vanish!
    Nice blog here πŸ™‚

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      thank really enjoying ur… am currently reaching my 2008 blogs…and because of u – i might just be fired…have spent all evening reading them πŸ™‚

  2. snippetsnscribbles

    Yes yes, happens all the time, hun!

    Total obsession with the stats happens! And so does the non-commenting from the 14000 people that stop by for 00:56mins on an average on mY BLOG FROM 156 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!

    I wanna cry 😦

    Come here I wanna hug you *hugs*

  3. DI

    Ha ha! I can so relate! Only, when I started blogging, I had no idea I could check traffic et al, so missed out on the initial fun!
    I had installed that which countries the visitors are from thing, and I used to keep informing The Dude that someone from Spain/Brazil/Indonesia/Tokyo etc etc read my blog today, and even show him the blinking star on the map, and he would try to look all interested! Poor guy!

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      lol @ the map thing!!! the things u do for love :))…in fact that should be an effective torture tool for the Tall one too…i should get it installed πŸ™‚

      But this stats business is so bloody obsessive…i was actually upset that i had only single digit visitors yesterday…Lol..!

  4. comfortablynam

    lol..true all true.. such is blog obsess when people get upset when they don’ cry when husband does not get what the hoopla is all about.. πŸ™‚

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      though as of now the tall one is being quite nice and consoling me when my visitors drop or i dont get comments. He has even started advising me on what to improve upon. Lets c how long this lasts


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