Urrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh…dont u wish u had an appropriate comeback when people make nasty jabs at u…

Today, a colleague of mine passed a pretty sarcy one-liner on my job profile (i do something which is supposed to help/force people to drive numbers) – i was cribbing to another colleague how someone follows up with me to know the number and this a** tells me – “anyway ur job is to narrate the numbers”….*Punch Kick and one Tight slap*…Nutty the warrior princess

What irks me is that it come from a total nincompoop who’s only accomplishment in life is A**licking!
What irks me is that this is the guy who used to come to me for advice as i was one of the few people who knew how to handle his boss
What irks me is that it is none of his business what and how i do things and i wasn’t even talking to HIM!!!
What irks me is that he wouldn’t have had the guts to say the same thing to a male colleague
What irks me the most that 5 hours past the incident i still haven’t thought of a deadly one liner i could have said….Damn i am loosing my touch!

Share with me some of ur deadliest comebacks while i continue to think and fume and fret!!!

Edited to add: Met my good friend “Cheeni” who incidentally was told by her super boss that “XYZ toh dhanda lata hai, Mein toh majboori mein kaam karta hoon aur Cheeni timepass karne aati hai”…Hello!!! Majboori for u because u have wife and children!!! Cheeni pays half the EMI of their home loan dude!!!



2 thoughts on “Comebacks!!!

  1. Titaxy

    I’m bad with comebacks too. But yes, think of some good one before you face this guy next. Sounds like he needs someone to tell him to shut up.


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