Early Morning Flight = slight dementia

1.Ever wondered why kolkatans get excited when u tell them u are visiting their city and give u a long list of to dos and to meets. If someone told me they were visiting B’lore I would say “Oh”
2.Ever wondered why on early morning flights the men’s security check line is serpentinish (if there is a word like that) and the women’s well…really short?
3.Ever wondered why the employees at the check in counter continue to talk to each other while the line of customers waiting to be checked in keeps growing
4.Ever wondered why people usurp your window seat without even requesting you for it (Dear Mr Sitting next to me man – sure u have ur elderly mother with u – but decency involves asking me whether it’s ok for her to sit there instead of looking blankly at me while I look confused at my already occupied seat. P.s. I REALLY LIKE MY WINDOW SEAT…hmmph what a way to start a day, a 2.5 hr flight and a work trip)
5.Ever wondered how people can sleep on a flight without having the window to lean their head against (Whine Whine I want my window seat)
6.Ever wondered why people refuse food on an airline – I for one am hungry the minute I enter a flight and am a sucker for airline food!
7.Ever wondered why people feel that the handrest on a plane belongs to them (Helloooo – I gave ur mom my seat remember)
8 Ever wondered how airhostess are so impeccably dressed all the time – no hair out of place, no lipstick smudge, hell not
even a pimple or a blemish
9.Ever wondered why people stand up to alight the flight before even the door opens
10. Ever wondered why any of this is my problem – other than my window seat of course *#*%&*$&($&%($&


14 thoughts on “Early Morning Flight = slight dementia

  1. Miss M

    Pffft another word for air hostess is waitress. I mean, that is what they are doing anyways! Cleaning up trays and fetching people drinks.

    Would never want a job like that even if it meant my hair is in its place all the time. Oh btw, I had noticed once, they touch up their make up every half an hour. That’s why they look like so “perfect” all the time.

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Well i just admire the fact that they care that much…lol i would like to care 1/10 of what they do…No sorry if they do up their make up every half hour. i would like to care 1/50 of what they do..that way i would remember to wear eyeliner everyday 🙂

  2. Pins N Ashes

    Ever wondered why ppl switch their cell phones on as soon as the flight assistants announce not to until the door is opened! or undo their seat belts or open the overhead baggage counter just in the hurry to deplane!

  3. DI

    – NO ONE takes my window seat. Well, perhaps if you ask politely, I would concede.
    – Airhostesses have to look that way I guess, I’m sure it’s part of their goals and objectives, and they are rated for it!
    – I lurve airline food too! I stayed up till 2 AM on my 1 AM flight to Frankfurt, so that I could have my dinner. I know, pretty loserish, but still 😀
    – Umm, good thing you made all these things your problem, they led to a fun blog post afterall!

    I know, long comment, but had to respond! Now I am off to your archives!

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      U do understand the window dilema – i mean what do lean ur head against, what do u look at (esp with boring ppl around)…sniff sniff i still feel so bad for me :-)!!!

  4. snippetsnscribbles

    Before I go read your archives, I thought I should comment on this one 😀

    Hate all of it and yes, NO ONE takes my window seat toooo!!! NEVER!

    Ever wondered why people rush to the door even before their seat nos. are announced? Seat 50-39 is being called and everyone from 1-50 is waiting near the door staring at the announcer! Bah!!!

    Rant over; I goes to check your archives 🙂

    Will come back 🙂


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