Hello blogword!

Hello world – I am a “lurker”. I have lurked around blogs for maybe 5 years now. I am silent, I never comment but I do shed a tear – sometimes a happy tear at a “Happy Birthday Baby – u are 1 now” and sometimes a sad tear at a personal loss, sometimes I feel that its my life being played out on another blog, at times i am envious of experiences, at times I am relieved that it isn’t my story to tell.

I think that having a blog makes one “feel” life more. The “pressure” of blogging makes u aware of the “touch ur heart moments/feelings” and writing it down is akin to an external memory device. Blogging helps you to acknowledge your priorities, fears and aspirations. And I think most of all i want to blog because i am envious of the non judgemental friends/comments it offers you.

But I am scared too – of acknowledging all that I think I should, I am scared that my writing may be too boring, am wary that I might use incorrect grammar, am scared that I may not be honest and committed to my blog.

But in direct translation from Hindi – “what goes of my father” to try it out. So here is the story of the Nut – happily married to the Tall One, current status of no kids, ,hot-shot career woman (Ha!), living in Mumbai, wondering what is going to happen of this blog.

And why dropzofjupiter – well i like the song…i think it has character, though to be honest i dont really get the meaning of the song…and ummmm all the other names are taken….sniff sniff…and i know very soon i am going to think up a name i like more and have to live with this name….sniff…but that’s just how it is with the Nut!


5 thoughts on “Hello blogword!

  1. Sunshinesafar


    Am here from MM’s too! πŸ˜€ Blog on lady! And blog coz you want to.. not coz you have to… Friends, foes and trolls will happen!

    Will lurk around again πŸ™‚ Take care!


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